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Pesticide Analysis

We have extensive experience in the analysis of pesticides, especially those that are not routinely analyzed in Australia.

We test for a broad range of pesticides for the domestic and international commodity trade, including, insect growth regulators, herbicides, fungicides and fumigants .

Our recently expanded operations now include the analysis of residues in grains from all around Australia. In fact, we are the major laboratory in the country testing for pesticides in rice bound for the Japanese market.

But our pesticide work does not end there. We provide expert analysis and advice for pesticide manufacturers, consult on pesticide requirements for the export industry, conduct testing in the public sector and advice on pesticide method development.
Grain Testing

Our advanced laboratory performs a range of important tests on grains to ensure that the quality of your product meets your customer's requirements.

Our staff have extensive experience in both the domestic and international grain markets, and can advise you on all your testing needs.

Food Chemistry

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the "Food Act" and the Food Standard Code.

We analyzed a wide range of foods - including packaged items off the supermarket shelf and prepared food from food manufacturers and other outlets - for a section of significant parameters such as macro and minor nutrients, vitamins, preservatives metals and mycotoxins.

We also consult to the food industry on product composition and labeling, and ensure oilseeds comply with domestic and international standards.

Food Microbiology

Our on site food microbiology work takes us to a diverse range of industries across Victoria including restaurants, food manufacturers, outlets and handlers.

We conduct sanitation surveys of cleaning processes, sample products to ensure quality assurance and advise on food handling.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory we investigate spoilage problems and perform shelf life studies. We analyse food samples provided by food manufacturers and municipal councils for compliance with food standards code. We also develop food safety programs including implementation and verification.